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Are you passionate about digital media, creativity and culture? Do you dream about making projects which make a difference? Would you like to get a personal mentor who helps you to build your career's foundation? Moreover, would you like to be noticed by global organizations, influencers and communities?

Great! We are looking for students and young creatives who are ready to join our network as content creators / bloggers / journalists.


  • Prepare relevant stories and blogs (examples: Vice, Bustle, Buzzfeed and etc);
  • Assist in the working with influencers and opinion leaders;
  • Participate in WMCF Russian chapter activities (and beyond).


  • Opportunitity to work with global organizations, foundations and movements;
  • Opportunity to work with various influencers;
  • Up to 2 personal mentors who teach and guide you.
Maria Izmaylova
CRO & Managing Partner в WelkerMedia

WelkerMedia is an independent media network and impact group that empowers creative voices of emerging communities.


  • You are passionate about media, culture and projects which make a difference;
  • 19-22 years old;
  • Journalism, media, social sciences or related faculties students;
  • English level: advanced (C1/C2);
  • Readiness to learn every day and every hour.


  • Part-time. 8-10 hours per week. You can combine it with education or other job;
  • You will get up to 2 personal mentors who will guide you;
  • Free education and mentoring;
  • Full access to our network and influencers;
  • Full access to our media opportunities.

Don't forget to provide us with a quick BIO, social accounts and examples of your works.


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