Стажировки с тегом «Продажи»

— 10/12/2018 —

We are looking for a sales manager, preferably with experience in B2B sales (ideally in the IT sphere) for a part-time job with a 20-30 hours weekly workload.

Some background on what we do:

We are working mostly with startups (both regular startups and ICO/STO projects).
We offer them the creation of pitch decks (content+design), financial models, white papers, business plans, and Investor Relations (fundraising services).
Our current website:

What you are expected to do: 

— Respond to sales requests (we are getting requests from startups every day)
— Set up calls with leads from our existing database and close deals

— Communicate with leads through email / LinkedIn 
— Improve the existing sales script (at first you will be provided with a detailed script and audio recordings of the negotiations with potential clients)

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