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— 22/06/2018 —

What is it like to be a part of Team Bearly?

Egor Sevalkin experience:

"Just recently,  I had to write about a walking route along the Moscow river. It may seem the easiest topic for someone who’s lived here his whole life. At least it did so to me. Having brainstormed the key spots of the route, I checked Google Maps to find its starting and final points. To my shame, there was a stretch that in 20+ years of residing here I never even glanced at. Sure, I could've done some research on the Internet to describe it, but it wouldn’t have been so much fun. You want a first-hand experience. So I headed there to witness everything myself. I strolled along that 5km stretch, making notes, trying to notice details, remembering my feelings, watching and talking to people and off-course making some photos. Very soon, I noticed a vending van, selling Soviet-style ice-cream, which is indeed a cultural asset of the city. So, I wanted to take a photo of it to include in the article and asked a seller for a permission.

With a gloomy, almost hostile expression on her face, she asked me why. After I explained my ultimate goal, our dialog went on like this:

- Oh, you are a journalist? Ok, you can take whatever photos you want! Maybe you want to taste some of our ice cream?

- No, thanks. I’ll just take a photo!

- Come on. It’s on us!

And it’s just one those perks of being a person that literally creates the future perception of people. As a journalist, you constantly learn.  Apart from researching, writing and editing, a journalist is someone who can communicate, negotiate and most importantly see, not just look. Sometimes an ice-cream out of the blue may become a more important nicety in the article than a thousand-year prominent cathedral, rubbing readers’ eyes on every other website.

I was really proud of the material I gathered. The CEO, Nikita, had a different opinion, though. Not going to work. Nobody’s going to read that - he complained. WTF? You see, we have this SEO issue going on.

And it appeared to me that SEO is of paramount importance in modern journalism. In the end, nobody will be able to see a masterpiece that you’ve put your heart and soul in, unless almighty Google allows it, bringing your article onto the first page of its search results. Keywords, meta description, the right titling are just a few things that am learning at Bearlyinmoscow. It does take time to figure it out, but luckily, I’m not alone, and there are people to support and guide me.

Here, at Bearly In Moscow, we see ourselves as a family. We believe that every article is an adventure and we are eager to accept any challenges we might face. In the end, journalism is a continuous and epic journey that we at Bearlyinmoscow are proudly making together."

— 05/06/2018 —

Здравствуйте! Приглашаю в свой проект php-разработчика, который станет частью команды и получит долю.

Tendertorg представляет собой биржу услуг тендерных компаний. На текущий момент готов mvp, который заметил ФРИИ. Нас приглашали в заочный акселератор, но мы пока отказались, т.к. оснновнаяя проблема - недорогое привлечение клиентов, готовых платить. Эту проблему мы и решаем. В целом, есть понимание того, что нужно делать, сейчас тестируем различные каналы и гипотезы.

Нужен человек, который закроет работы по доработке сайта. Сейчас ведутся переговоры с крутым дизом, так что не за горами редизайн.

О перспективности проекта говорит тот факт, что мы были вторыми с такой идеей, а теперь подобные проекты появляются каждый месяц. Рынок только формируется, можно неплохо заработать.

В отклике прошу подробно изложить свои навыки/опыт.

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