Стажировки с тегом «Удаленная работа»

— 20/08/2018 —

What is it like to be a part of Team Bearly?

Egor Sevalkin [Content Creator]:

As a journalist, you constantly learn to create the future perception of people. Apart from researching, writing and editing, a journalist is someone who can communicate, negotiate and most importantly see, not just look. 

As a digital journalist, you also learn to create stories that will be found and seen by many. It may sound obvious until you find out what SEO means. And it appeared to me that SEO is of paramount importance in modern journalism. In the end, nobody will be able to see a masterpiece that you’ve put your heart and soul in, unless almighty Google allows it, bringing your article onto the first page of its search results. Keywords, meta description, the correct titling are just a few things that am learning at Bearly.

At Bearly In Moscow, we see ourselves as a family. We believe that every article is an adventure and we are eager to accept any challenges we might face. In the end, journalism is a continuous and epic journey that we at Bearly are proudly making together. 

What does it take to work at Bearly in Moscow? 

Victoria Malis [Content Creator]:

To work at Bearly, you need to love Moscow and be patient with English. You need to pay attention to how you write each story and evolve your vocabulary from one article to another. 

In my opinion, the most important thing is to have your personal reason to be a part of the project. Like an actor chooses the viewer you also should think of that one foreigner you know you want to tell how amazing Moscow really is.

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