Hi! If you want to start a career, develop your skills and learn from experienced and successful founders, CEOs, and managers of Silicon Valley and the Russian market, but are not ready to go to an office or move overseas, then you are welcome! We will help you become a personal/business assistant for managers who do not follow the usual decisions and do not work according to business models already created by someone. They create a product that has no analogs in the world market.

Why is working as a personal / business assistant at Grintern cool?

You get:

— The ability to directly learn from the experience of managers and leading managers in America and Russia;

— Perfection of skills that are necessary for any business: project management, administrative skills, business communication with foreign and Russian partners, marketing, search and analysis of information, etc.;

— Work with effective and advanced methods — remote work, flexible schedules, effective programs and approaches to the organization of working hours; there are no archaic foundations;

— Work in a modern, non-bureaucratic system, where working hours are not spent in endless coordination of documents and each team member is ready to help, suggest, and adjust the work plan;

— Unique practice of English;

— The opportunity for career growth. The experience of working with such people is already a big plus to your resume, but if your cooperation is successful, you can apply for growth together with the company. 

What will you do?

The responsibilities of each manager may differ - each of them creates a new, unique product, so the graduate of each specialty gets a chance to grow and develop not only administrative, but also professional skills. For example, you are in the 4th year of law school; you have excellent marks and a month of practice in an archaic structure. So, you can work with a top lawyer in Silicon Valley, learn an effective way of thinking, dive into interesting cases and get the opportunity to grow together with your Manager.

What our assistants do:

— Search for competent contractors, freelancers, designers to solve business problems of the Manager, evaluate them, and conduct communication, control the timing and quality of their work;

— Make presentations;

— Work with documents, standard contracts;

— Deal with administrative tasks;

— Do a search and systematization of information;

— Provide high-quality travel support (collecting visa documents, planning and maximizing travel optimization for the Manager and his friends / family members, including selecting and booking tickets, hotels, tracking miles, etc.);

— Maintain the Manager's calendar, including setting and coordinating the time and agenda of meetings;

— Maintain social networks, provide PR and SMM support;

— Communicate with the company's clients, write business letters and solve many highly specialized professional tasks.

Diana Klishchenko

What should you do?

Apply to this vacancy and don't forget to write a cover letter in English: tell us why you deserve to become an assistant, why you should be hired? We'll review your resume, and when a great job opens up, you'll be the first to know.


What do managers expect from assistants?

— Level of English - Upper Intermediate (you will also work with foreign clients together with your Manager);

— Thoughtfulness — you analyze the problem and are able to find hidden solutions;

— Responsibility — you will respect the deadlines of both the Manager and your own;

— Accuracy— in a business letter do not forget to be polite;

— Attentiveness — you can correct the Manager if he suddenly set a deadline for the past year;

— Proactivity — any initiative is welcome. Especially if you can reasonably and competently prove why your offer will bring a good result;

— Performance — we expect you to take on the typical routine tasks of a Manager and do them diligently.

— Developed analytical skills (the ability to quickly understand the essence of tasks and achieve goals in a short time)


What else will you get?

— Two possible work formats — part-time (4 hours a day) and full-time (8 hours a day), fully remote paid work, flexible schedule, and the ability to combine with university or other projects; 

— Healthy working relationships;

— Constant support, training programs, and training from the Grintern team. We select the best individual programs that will help you adapt to the realities of the current market.


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