Alex Zaretsky is an entrepreneur with experience in corporate and start-up environments. He co-founded Travelata - Russia’s #1 package tours over the air with over $100 mln annual Gross merchandise volume. The company raised $15 mln from top European VCs. Prior to that, he served as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company for 2 years. 

Alex is also the co-founder of - an online English school for kids from around the world. 

And now he is working on - US-based early-stage startup developing educational games on Roblox. The startup is backed by TOP VC investors, such as FJlabs

Alex is looking for a self-driven and proactive Executive Assistant who loves helping people. If you want to work in an early-stage startup and you want to gain experience in project management and grow as an Executive Assistant, apply now! 

What will you do: 

  • Booking business meetings, attending them, and sending out the notes to participants.

  • Arranging documents.

  • Resolving various issues with potential service providers.

  • Conducting research online on various topics upon request.

  • Interviewing potential customers to identify key pain points and test hypotheses.

  • Setting up various software and automation tools (e.g. CRM systems).

  • Reaching out to potential contacts and vet out leads.
  • Many more ad-hoc various tasks - some of them will require creativity, some discipline, and attention to detail while some will require empathy. All of them will require a high level of responsibility and a sense of ownership.

Alina Zainutdinova
Recruiter в Alex Zaretsky

This job is for you if:

You want to learn about building global businesses first-hand.

- You are considering becoming an entrepreneur one day.



  • Excellent written & spoken English skills - Alex speaks Russian but you'll communicate with native English speakers as well, so we expect you to have a minimum of an Advanced level and you need to be able to match the needed brand voice/tone, and for sure we don't want to hear or see any mistakes. 

  • Proactiveness and strong willingness to help and make other people successful - we expect you to be a person with many ideas, not just an executor.

  • Strong self-reliance and the ability to make decisions on your own.

  • Organizational skills: you know exactly how to organize not only your work and personal time and don't want any minute to go to waste, but you are a natural organizer who can bring the chaotic life of another person to the ideal structure.

  • Positive attitude towards life & other people - you're a super polite, clear, easy-to-work-with person, who radiates enthusiastic energy and can motivate others in the team.

  • Excellent attention to detail – you should be the person who cares about every small detail and the one who checks for the mistakes of others.

  • Be a tech-friendly person - you can easily learn how to use CRM systems, and can intuitively learn other software as well. 

  • Very strong communication skills - you can easily deliver the message that needs to be told via text and find an approach to anyone, you are not afraid of communicating with strangers. 

  • Critical thinking - you can conduct research and identify key pain points.
  • Ability to adjust to EST time zone - you can work independently any time during the day but you are expected to have overlapping hours with Alex, starting from 3 PM (Moscow time). You will sometimes attend online business meetings with Alex but they should not be held later than 10 PM (Moscow time). 

Not necessary but will be a big plus: 

  • Previous experience as an Executive Assistant.


What we offer: 

  • Part-time (4 working hours per day, 5/2) or full-time employment (8 working hours per day, 5/2). For part-time employment we support your desire to combine this job with studies, however, we will not consider candidates planning to combine several jobs.  For full-time, we consider only senior last-year students and recent graduates.

  • Personal mentorship from Alex.

  • Opportunities to grow professionally in or one of Alex's other businesses.

  • Remote work. You may be located in any country or city, just need a good Internet connection and the opportunity to adjust your working schedule to have overlapping hours with the team. 

  • Stability - this is not an internship or project work, we consider only the candidates looking for a long-term commitment.

  • Quick selection process.

Application deadline: 10th of September 2021. 

Please note that the later you apply - the more intensive your selection process will be, for example, you will have less time for the test assignment, etc.

1. Fill in the application form - attach your CV;

2. Complete the VCV recording;

3. Complete the test assignment;

4. Have a Zoom-interview with Grintern’s Senior Recruiter (no video required);

5. Have a video Zoom-interview with the company’s founder;

6. Get hired!


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