Oncolinx is developing the next generation of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) - powerful, targeted cancer therapies that are more effective and have dramatically fewer side effects than current methods of cancer treatment. These therapies can be targeted to nearly any type of cancer and are rapidly becoming state-of-the-art in cancer treatment. Drawing on the scientific innovation of the National Cancer Institute, the world's leading biotechs, and life sciences companies, Oncolinx is redefining the paradigm of cancer therapy. 

Oncolinx is partnered with more than 16 leading pharmaceutical companies. In addition, they work with several academic groups and startups with respect to protein/aptamer-drug conjugates and immunotherapy combination studies.

Now, the co-founder of Oncolinx, Sourav Sinha (Please note that in order to open LinkedIn, you need to install VPN), is looking for a Research & Business Assistant to help him attract more investors to his inspiring company and delegate important but time-consuming tasks. If you are interested in venture capital and biotech, this might be your dream job! Apply now! 

What will you do? 

  • Conducting research on different topics starting with Biotech and Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs). 

  • Analyzing and structuring the information you find, preparing business plans. By that we mean that you will be justifying why the data you find is important and how it helps to prevent cancer, you’ll have to structure financial models and find ways of implementing your plans as soon as possible. 

  • Making slides and presentations - sometimes you will be responsible for the visualization part. 

  • Managing emails and scheduling calls with different Clinical Research Organizations to collect valuable information from them, taking notes during the business calls. 

  • Grant writing with the help of a professional writer. 

Also some operations tasks: 

  • Fixing the website, email addresses - Sourav needs a fresh and creative look at the website design and to get control of the emails, migrate them to Gmail.

  • Organize all of the information of the company’s processes.

  • Check the taxes statements - you will help Sourav to get the taxes in order. 

Alina Zainutdinova
Recruiter в Oncolinx

Why join? 

- A chance to learn from an experienced entrepreneur and venture capitalist

- An opportunity to work closely to the founder of a company with a great mission. 



  • Fluency in English language - you'll go through a lot of texts and information on different sources and present reports. You will also constantly communicate with native English speakers, so we don't want to see or hear any mistakes.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit - you are self-driven and a go-getter, you are eager to learn about Oncolinx’s processes. 

  • Strong desire to learn and develop in biotechnologies, startups - you get carried away when you learn more about these topics. This job opportunity is a great chance to find out about the inner processes of a startup and understand the philosophy behind entrepreneurship and science. 

  • Analytical skills - you can digest the information down and interpret it, do global research and make a summary and a conclusion based on the information, or the other way around - focus on one topic and study it deeply in detail. 

  • Attention to detail - you would have to analyze the technology market, competitors' business models, economic factors. 

  • Self-reliance - you are able to find ways of expanding the business, estimating them, creating solutions, and making decisions on your own. 

  • Proactivity - you have a strong desire to help the company grow and learn more about biotech every day. You are open to new information and communication. 

  • Responsibility - you can analyze the tasks and set your own deadlines. You are autonomous and can work on your own. 

  • Ability to adjust to EST time zone - the working hours are flexible but you need to adjust your schedule to have a couple of daily overlapping hours with your supervisor. Approximately after 4 PM (Moscow time). 

Not necessary but will be a plus: 

  • Experience working with web design programs. 

  • Experience conducting deep scientific research.

  • Curiosity to Biotech & Cancer preventing technologies. 


What we offer:

  • Part-time employment (4 working hours per day, 5/2). Please note that we support your desire to combine this job with studies, however, we will not consider candidates planning to combine several jobs. 

  • An opportunity to work with an experienced entrepreneur and venture capitalist and learn everything you need to know to be successful in the business world. 

  • Remote work. You may be located in any country or city, just need a good Internet connection and the opportunity to adjust your working schedule to have overlapping hours with the team.

  • Stability - this is not an internship or project work, we consider only the candidates looking for a long-term commitment.

  • Quick selection process.

Application deadline: 15th of October 2021. 

Please note that the later you apply - the more intensive your selection process will be, for example, you will have less time for the test assignment, etc.

1. Fill in the application form - attach your CV;

2. Complete the VCV recording;

3. Complete the test assignment;

4. Have a Zoom-interview with Grintern’s Senior Recruiter (no video required);

5. Have a video Zoom-interview with the company’s founder;

6. Get hired!


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