The founder of Grintern, Anastasia Sartan, is a data scientist, serial female entrepreneur, and a very inspiring person. She lives in California and knows all the needs of the startups better than anyone - she has found not only the amazing career platform which you are browsing right now (yes-yes, but also another more successful startup: StyleHacks - the Google and Founders Fund-backed startup, leveraging AI, and voice commerce to create a personalized shopping experience, and one of the first largest fashion e-commerce company in Russia, funded by European investors and with an acquisition offer from in 2013. 

Currently, Anastasia is looking for a person who will help her to run her Instagram account and strengthen her presence there. 

What will you do?

  • Create regular content plans for Anastasia's Instagram account with the topics of posts and stories and approve these publications personally with her.

  • Create engaging posts and Instagram stories for Anastasia's account: write eye-catchy texts & create visuals. 

  • Manage her Instagram account: connect with the audience and respond to their comments, upload all the materials on time.

  • Look for collaborations and connect Anastasia with them for the growth of her Instagram presence. 

  • Other possible tasks related to social media activities. 

Diana Klishchenko
Recruiter at Grintern в Grintern

If you're ready to dive into interesting tasks and wanna learn from an inspiring woman-in-tech, this job is exactly for you!


  • Excellent Russian language skills: you'll create content for Russian-speaking people and you need to be able to match the needed brand voice/tone, and for sure we don't want to hear or see any mistakes. 

  • Excellent communication skills – you formulate your ideas clearly both in Russian and English. In addition, you love to communicate with people and can support a conversation on any topic.

  • Excellent writing skills - you can write a great text even on the most boring topic. And you are capable of doing it from the very beginning to the very end, there is no need to double-check after you.

  • Structured thinking, knowledge of programs that help to systemize the data, and the ability to build processes neatly.

  • Organizing skills: you know exactly how to organize your work and personal time efficiently and don't want any minute to go to waste.

  • Proactivity and initiative – we expect you to be a person with many ideas, not just an executor. 

  • Independence and self-reliance: you can make decisions & ask for relevant info on your own without being constantly supervised.

  • Excellent attention to detail – you should be the person who cares about spelling/spacings/colors/texts/fonts/labels, proofreads, and checks for mistakes of others.

  • Ability to adjust to the PST time zone (11 hours difference with Moscow). You'll need to have overlapping hours with Anastasia for discussing all the processes and current tasks. 

Not necessary but will be a great plus

  • Marketing / Journalism / SMM experience - we're looking for someone with good writing skills.


  • Part-time employment (4 hours per day, 5/2). Please note that we support your desire to combine this job with studies, however, we will not consider candidates planning to combine several jobs. 

  • Remote work. You may be located in any country or city, just need a good Internet connection.

  • Flexible working hours - we are open to discuss when you would like to start your working day, you’ll just need to sometimes adjust your time to have calls with Anastasia who lives in California.

  • Stability - this is not an internship or project work, we consider only the candidates looking for a long-term commitment.

  • Quick selection process.

    Please note that the later you apply - the more intensive your selection process will be, for example, you will have less time for the test assignment, etc.

    1. Fill in the application form - attach your CV;

    2. Complete the VCV recording;

    3. Complete the test assignment;

    4. Have a Zoom-interview with Grintern’s Recruiter (no video required);

    5. Have a video Zoom-interview with the company’s founder;

    6. Get hired!


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