Fridge No More is a New York-based company providing the service of 15 minutes free grocery delivery with no minimum order, no hidden fees, and no subscription. The company is run by Anton Gladkoborodov and Pavel Danilov – successful entrepreneurs with impressive experience and several other startups.

Fridge No More started its services in October 2019, became super popular, and now the team is looking for a new team member - a customer-oriented person with fluent English to help develop the best grocery delivery service in New York.

What will you do?

Ensure New York customers of the grocery delivery company consistently receive friendly and helpful service:

- Maintain the live chat with customers to answer their questions and help to deal with problems (e.g., if they did not receive something in their order or want the replacement of some products, etc.). Only written communication, no calls.

- Collect the knowledge base of all the cases and issues faced, collect clients’ feedback, analyze it, and share with the team or stores.

Working hours:

From 4 PM to 10 PM New York time. That means 24:00-06:00 Moscow time. 


From 5 PM to 11 PM New York time. That means 1:00-07:00 Moscow time. 

So, if you live somewhere in the Russian Far East - that is your moment to shine!

Alina Zainutdinova
Recruiter в Fridge No More

Why join?

- An opportunity to work in a very progressive startup, learn and develop your skills in the Customer Success Field.

- A chance to join a fast-growing startup conquering the market. 



- Fluent written English – you will constantly communicate with American clients and represent the company, customers will judge the whole company based on the level of service you provide.

- Perfect written communication skills (and friendliness!) – you know how to write polite (and not too formal) chat-messages to help customers, and you always double-check to make sure that your grammar and spelling are ideal.

- Quick reaction and desire to solve problems – you need to answer each customer request as soon as possible (1-3 minutes) and be ready to make fast decisions to help clients.

- Empathy – you need to collect customers’ feedback, ask the right questions, and create a dialogue where customers would be open to share emotions and experiences.

- Positive mindset - you know how to treat an angry client and can turn the negative emotions into positive ones! 'Cause clients are everything, we love them.

- Ability to adjust to the EST time zone. 


- If you know how to call food and other products in English, you won't have to spend time learning those words during the onboarding :)

- If you lived in the US and know the specifics of the grocery market there (hmm, any ideas on what a gallon is?), you also won't have to spend time learning those details during the onboarding :)


What we offer:

- Almost full-time employment (6 hours per day, 5/2 OR 6 hours per day, 4/3). Please take the working hours (see above) into consideration before deciding whether to combine this job with studies. Also, we will not consider candidates planning to combine several jobs.

- Remote work. You may be located in any country or city, just need a good Internet connection and the opportunity to adjust your working schedule to the needed working hours (see above).

- The opportunity to work in a very progressive startup, learn and develop your skills in the Customer Success Field. 

- Onboarding process: the team will provide you with all the needed materials, and will guide you until you become confident in doing the job.

- Stability - this is not an internship or project work, we consider only the candidates looking for a long-term commitment.

- Quick selection process.

Please note that the later you apply - the more intensive your selection process will be, for example, you will have less time for the test assignment, etc.

1. Fill in the application form - attach your CV;

2. Complete the VCV recording;

3. Complete the test assignment;

4. Have a Zoom-interview with Grintern’s Recruiter (no video required);

5. Have a video Zoom-interview with the company’s founder;

6. Get hired!


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