◼️ Your role:

Tasks distribution: 100% personal

  • Personal Task Management: Skillfully handle errands and deliveries to ensure seamless operations.
  • Full-Time Travel and Travel Support: Embrace the opportunity for full-time travel alongside your boss, providing comprehensive support in coordinating logistics and meticulously planning travel itineraries for each journey.
  • Health and Wellness Support: Act as a pillar of support in maintaining your boss's health and wellness during travels, facilitating access to healthy food options, exercise facilities, and medical services.
  • Communication Support: Assist in managing professional networking engagements and family-related tasks with efficiency and professionalism.
  • Financial Management: Take charge of your boss's financial affairs with precision, meticulously tracking expenses and providing insightful reports to ensure financial stability.
  • Dog Care Support: Provide attentive care for your boss's canine companion, particularly as they prepare to welcome a new addition to the family.
  • Medical Support: Stand ready to offer medical assistance as needed, ensuring your boss's health needs are promptly addressed.
  • Translation Services: Bridge language barriers with your expertise, offering seamless translation support whenever required to facilitate effective communication.
🔶 How your daily tasks might look like:
  • Plan an epic hiking adventure in Indonesia for your boss. Research breathtaking trails that offer not only stunning sights but also an invigorating workout. Coordinate with local guides, and create a detailed itinerary for a memorable experience.
  • Be the language bridge in Moscow! Translate documents and meetings smoothly to ensure your boss's charity project runs seamlessly.
  • Jet-setting across three countries? Keep your boss energized with a curated dining experience tailored to their diet and preferences.
  • As the health expert, ensure your boss's health stays on track with monthly injections. From purchasing medications to administering them, you've got it covered!

менеджер в Yamm Agency

We're seeking a Traveling Sidekick / Lifestyle Manager to support an Executive immersed in the South East stock market and upcoming charity projects, as well as passionate about horse riding, hiking, and chess. Living a digital nomad lifestyle, the Executive requires the ideal candidate to travel with him full-time, providing personal assistance, travel coordination, lifestyle management, project support, and health and wellness facilitation, ensuring smooth sailing amidst dynamic travels.


🔶 It's a perfect match for you if:

  1. You thrive in a dynamic nomad work setting and are ready to embrace the excitement of travel between Europe, Russia, West Asia, and Southeast Asia.
  2. You have a background as a former athlete or personal trainer, and you're eager to craft a customized workout routine for your boss from the ground up.
  3. You excel in organization, finding satisfaction in structuring tasks and maintaining meticulous control over them.
  4. Your communication skills are top-notch, allowing you to effectively convey ideas and information.
  5. You possess empathetic and creative problem-solving abilities, enabling you to navigate challenges with grace and innovation.
  6. You're a self-starter with a proactive attitude, always eager to take initiative and drive projects forward.
  7. You have a deep love for dogs, embracing the opportunity to care for your boss's canine companion with enthusiasm and dedication.
◼️ The person who is right for this role is someone who:
  1. Has 2+ years of experience as a Personal Assistant or Traveling Personal Assistant.
  2. Holds a personal trainer certification (BONUS).
  3. Has a first aid certification.
  4. Native Russian speaker with fluent English (C1/C2 level).
  5. Possesses a valid driving license.
  6. Comfortable with a digital nomad work setting.
  7. Holds an open Schengen visa or is ready to apply for it asap.


📥 How to apply:

📧 iri@yamm.agency

🔗 LinkedIn

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⚠️ Please note that all interviews for this role will be conducted in English.